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Patrick Manley

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Hi. This is your Pat Man, Patrick Manley. I'm a humble dude who grew up in North Philly. My family was a musical one almost in every way. My dad was a guitarist and my mom was a singer and music enthusiast in her own right.  They kept the Reel-to-Reel (remember those?) running constantly. The only time it shut off was on Saturdays when Soul Train came on, but would resume shortly thereafter.

In my early teens, I picked up my love for the saxophone. After hours and hours of practice, I won several soloist competitions, made hundreds of performances in concerts and had to play many encores of pieces to adoring audiences. Upon leaving H.S. (Girard College in North Philly), I had a three-way crossroad to navigate: Music, Basketball or Business. Surprisingly, I decided to go the way of Business at Temple University (North Philly), but the music in my bones would not be denied.


Upon beginning at Temple University, I began to see other's love of music as they danced, partied, and united for all kinds of reasons. I got into DJ'ing various private clubs, parties, bars, weddings, venues. I simply just loved it. From family reunions to company Christmas parties, I was there. Over the years, I got to learn all about many different genres of music and kept up with the many changes.

In 2014, a good friend invited me to co-host with them on a nightly internet radio talk show. Extremely nervous, I took on my very first venture involving radio and learned that it was not as challenging as I originally thought it would be for me. Very soon after, I began actually producing some of the episodes of the talk show getting to interview sports figures, commercial and independent music artists, and community figures doing positive things in Philadelphia.


Sadly the show came to a close and my time in radio was done.....or was it? July of 2015, I was bumpin' my slow jams putting on a Night Mode Show for myself and the thought to start my own station hit me. Heck! I had already gained the experience in a lot of the things that was needed in running a station and producing shows. Today of course with 20/20, I now know that there was still a lot to learn. However, I believed in myself and kept saying, “You can dwoo it!!!” Shortly thereafter, Da Philly Go Flow was born.

Today, no longer by my lonesome, I am joined with a truly talented and competent team, who often teaches me things about the business. Thank You, Father! Shouts out to Brown (my cousin), Amaz'n Grace, DJ No-No, and JChris, along with many others who have made great contributions to DPGF but no longer are with us. Most of all, shout out to YOU, our wonderful listeners who keep us on our toes!!!



Patrick Manley (aka Pat Man)

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