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Amazn Grace


Our Amazn Grace, Grace C. Williams is an accomplished Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur.  She is the proud owner of Amazn Grace Enterprise LLC.  Her company inspires women to be the best version of themselves through seminars, workshops and coaching.


Grace first joined DPGF in 2018 with her uplifting segments called "Inspire To Empower".  She guided us all in how to navigate the twists and turns and ups and downs of life while keeping a smile on our faces and our heads held high.


In 2020, Grace moved on to hosting her very own show, "Living Boldly With Amazn Grace", Sundays at 11am.  She does a incredible job ushering in the Spirit of the Lord, all while still squeezing in golden nuggets of wisdom between the awesome praise and gospel music she plays.


With her busy schedule, Grace has somehow found the time to join Patrick Manley as part of the Night Mode Show team, hosting Thursday night's 6pm Man Crush Thursday edition.

Amazn Grace has been such a vital member of our team, we have no choice but to love her dearly!!!

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